Thursday, November 10, 2011

Quartzsite and Meeting Friends


We are in Quartzsite  at the BLM land on Plomas Rd. There are not many RVs here at all. None of the BLM campgrounds we have seen have had many  rigs in them. Of course it is early yet for Quartzsite. There are not even many vendors set up yet.

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We found a surplus store that had lots of used books, we were able to find a half dozen interesting looking ones. Last year I went into a used book store in Borrego Springs and got four books, turned out I had read three of them previously. We also bought a collapsible laundry hamper.


Tomorrow our friends Charlotte and Mike are coming to Quartzsite for the day, we will probably go out for lunch, hopefully they will know a good spot. We met Charlotte and Mike when we were in Cottonwood. They saw our BC license plates and stopped to say hello, turns out they are from Lasqueti Island which is a small island about 7 miles off the coast of Vancouver Island. In fact we can see Lasqueti Island from our house.

Lasqueti Island is interesting because the 300-400 residents live completely off the grid,and  like it that way. Now of course people use cell phones but until recently they used radio phones.There is no car ferry onto the island,  there is a passenger ferry but I don’t think it runs every day in the winter months. Vehicles are brought onto the island by barge.  Charlotte and Mike have lived there for 32 years, before they retired Charlotte taught school, and Mike built fishing boats. They have camped all over the southwest, right now they are at a BLM campground in Parker,about 35 miles from here

We are watching the Canucks play LA, it will be a late game as it didn’t start until 8:30 Arizona time.



  1. Don't you love meeting up with friends? We have RVer friends visiting right now. Wish we were all in Quartzsite!

  2. Lots of RVing room around Quartzsite for sure and it's hard to believe how most of it will fill up with RV's in another month or two. Nice flat and hard surfaces for parking around the Q. We skipped that area last year but maybe this year. Some nice BLM lands just south of the Q in the Kofa mountains we like. A lot of Boon Dockers like the Bouse area too. Palm Canyon south of Quartzsite is a nice scenic hike. It you type in Palm Canyon Quartzite, Crystal Hill, Castle Dome Museum or Celia's Rainbow you can see some of the interesting spots in that area we have enjoyed.

  3. enjoy the peace and quiet...sounds like you will be 'invaded soon'