Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mittry Lake and Ogilby Road.

Since my last post we have spent a couple of weeks in Quartzsite , part of the time with  friends from

Nanoose Bay. We went with them to Mittry Lake, we weren't aware that there had been another fire,

last August, this one started at the boat launch and burned towards the campsites. It is quite a mess.

We stayed a few days and after they left for Apache Junction we continued on toward Yuma.

We are staying just off Ogilby Rd. we have been here several weeks and will be here at least two

more weeks. I had a run in with a dryer door, ended up with a bloody lip and a broken  eyetooth. I

made an appointment with Nina's dentist, Dr Eva Urena .I was  hoping for a quick repair but she was

unable to save the tooth.  So it was pulled two weeks ago and I don't  go back  until  Dec.21.

Her Office is in the bottom corner.

Denise is now at Mittry Lake, and we had lunch with her  the other day. It was so good to see her.

Skip has been working on his model  boat, it is slow going, because he doesn't want to make any

mistakes, and he has had to special order some items.

My computer is still the same, I did reload Chrome with no difficulties, but I still can't import

photos, or access the apps that were removed. I believe it has to do with my Samsung computer, not

being compatible with Windows 10.



  1. Too bad about your tooth hmm.
    Nice to see Denise again too hope we can meet up with you guys.
    Is that Boat like Billy Bobs'?

    1. the boat is the same as Billy Bob. For sure we will meet up.

  2. nice to see an update from you!
    sorry to hear about your tooth..hope it gets fixed quickly!

  3. That broken tooth must have been painful & gives me the shivers. Then the thought of having it pulled out gives me the shakes. We're still trying to decide if, when, & where we might head out for a southwest side trip. Where is Skip going to float the boat??

  4. Love your header photo. So sorry to hear about your incident and the tooth. Hope the replacement will go smoothly.