Saturday, December 12, 2015

A few pictures of the fire damage at Mittry Lake

When I wrote the last blog I couldn't find all the pictures I took of the fire at Mittry Lake, I still can't upload pictures in Windows 10...last I checked blogger wouldn't work at all in Windows 10, so I am still uploading to Skip's laptop, and mailing the pictures to myself and accessing blogger through chrome.

These pictures give a better idea of the extent of the fire.

That is our rig in the distance,

I know quite a few bloggers are having problems with live writer, that is one of the programs that
was removed when  windows 10 reinstalled  on my computer.  I  miss it too.

 Skip is coming along with his boat. It is a 1949  Chis Craft 19 ft Runabout.

We visited with  Denise on Thursday, she's loving it at the lake.

One more week and  I go back to the dentist, the last of the stitches has finally dissolved,so I must be healed up. One appointment for impressions and one more for the  fitting of my new partial  and I am done.

We are trying to decide where we are going after we are done here. We are really missing Borrego it is probably our very favorite spot, but there are others too,we like Ajo  a lot.



  1. Fire sure can mess up an area alright. We are having trouble getting ourselves organized enough to head off somewhere. Kelly hasn't been feeling well for a few days so I don't know if we'll make it over to Borrego or not. If we do head out I imagine it will be Borrego Springs we'll head for because like you it is one of our favorite spots. Just gotta love that little town. Is Skip gonna put a big 40 horse Merc engine on that boat:))

  2. So many areas we love too, where to go hmmm. Enjoy it wherever you go.

  3. Borrego's fine! C'mon over. I'll be gone, but that'll leave more room for you. And I'm taking the rusty nails and broken glass with me!