Saturday, December 26, 2015

Desert Winds Make It A long Day

Like everywhere else in south west Arizona the winds came with a vengeance, the forecast was for the winds to begin at 4 Am, which they did, at 9:30 pm they have finally eased a bit. When the winds blow that  hard there is nothing to do but wait it out.

Just before dawn

The sun shows a little

This was our view the rest of the day

There is probably fifteen RVs out there.

We were lucky in that we are parked along a deep wash on our north side, so although we were rocking in the wind we didn't have as much dust.

We are still on Ogilbe Road and we are so ready to move on, I have another dentist appointment next Tuesday, and then I don't have to go back for three weeks, so we will be on the road to somewhere likely either Kofa  Wildlife Refuge or Joshua Tree Park,  Maybe both.

This is  the Christmas morning full moon, the Nikon Camera's battery was too low so I just used the Canon point and shoot.

Skip says it looks more like a Halloween Moon.

This was Christmas Eve Sunset

I just lost a whole paragraph on Christmas Day,   So I'll just say it was a good day we didn't do anything but make dinner.



  1. That was one wild windy day yesterday, but still better than a snow storm.
    G;ad we all made it through.

  2. Those big winds & knowing even bigger winds were predicted was one of the reasons we decided to pull out of Borrego & head for Congress. We hadn't been sleeping well with all the winds & Kelly was tiring & not feeling the best. You guys sure have been at Ogilbe a long time & I can sure understand you wanting to move on. If you get up around our way your always welcome here:))

  3. Yes, that wind was something. I finally took a nap to get away from the sound and shaking. After an hour I woke up feeling much more refreshed. I went outside to get something and couldn't close my door! The wind was so strong it blew it into the side of the rig and I couldn't move it. It was actually kind of funny, but of course, I finally got it shut. I've been in this kind of wind before - probably here at Quartzsite. At least yesterday's wind was done by this morning. It's exhausting, isn't it? And lots of electricity in the area - every time I touch something I get a shock. :(

    Happy New year to you both!

  4. Yup that wind was BAD and it was one L O N G day !! I even had to bring in my main slide because the awning over it was making so much noise and was definitely going to tear off with the winds. So with the slide in it sure made for cramped quarters for the whole day.