Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lone Pine to Lake Havasu and Windows 10

Last post we were about to leave Carson City on our way to Lone Pine,  we decide to take the dogs

for a quick walk, that's when we noticed  a large swelling under Jake's armpit and up on his shoulder.

Jake has a lot of lumps but nothing the size of this one. We were lucky enough to get an  appointment

 with the Docs  Veterinary Hospital  in Carson City, the swelling was a lymphoma. The vet decided

to treat it with  antibiotics, in case he had  an infection. He's finished his two weeks of antibiotics,

some of the swelling has gone down, although he has  had some swelling of other lumps. He isn't in

pain and he is eating well most days. Jake is almost 12, which is pretty old for a big dog, so we keep

our fingers crossed  that he will stay mobile and pain free.

A day later  than planned we headed for Lone Pine, what a beautiful drive, the road , Highway 395

was good most of the way and the  traffic was light. We spent the first night boon docking just off

Mount Whitney Portal Road, our Verizon signal was poor to nonexistent.

Our boon docking spot.

The next day we moved to Tuttle Creek Campground for seven days.  The  mountains were

spectacular, the weather was good, other than one rainy day.

Lone Pine Mountain

First Light on Lone Pine Mountain

 Mount Whitney

Then Windows 10 crashed or something.  One morning I  turned on the computer clicked the start

button and   got a message about a critical failure that  windows 10 was repairing,  a few minutes

later another message came up that that the repair was almost  done then I could restart, so I waited

 until it said it was 100% and restarted  the computer .... and got the same message about the repair,

waited again, restarted again got the same message.  Finally a message came saying that a reset was

needed I had two choices  I could keep my personal files and lose apps or I could have a complete

 reset and not keep my personal files. I chose to keep my personal files.

The reset happened my personal files are there, but everything else is gone. Chrome , Picasso, I can't

upload pictures because it doesn't recognize my camera I guess. I haven't reinstalled Chrome because

I don't know what caused the crash in the first place.  Yikes!

So I loaded my pictures on to  Skips  computer emailed them to myself and I am accessing blogger

from Internet Explorer, where I have to got to get my mail because Windows 10 doesn't support

Shaw webmail or blogger.

Sorry this is so  long,    for once I had something to say.




  1. Keeping safe and enjoying what nature has to offer is all good.
    Kathy upgraded to Windows 10 but I kept Windows 7, Guess who has the most problems?

    It's about time.

  2. Yep sure do like that header photo alright. Think you are in the same campground we were when we were there. Just the greatest 360* views all round. Just gotta love those Alabama hills. Hope we can get back there & on up to the Bishop area sometime. We've been lucky with Win 10 so far but I miss some of the convenient features Win 7 had. We've never had Chrome & Edge is working fine for us......

    1. The header photo was taken in Bryce Canyon. Just wanted to say we both downloaded windows 10 at the end of July. I quite like the it, except I like to use google search engine. Never had a problem until the day I turned it on and they told me I had a problem they were fixing. They couldn't fix it and said I had to do a reset (or refresh) They removed everything that didn't come with windows 10. Google Earth, Picasso, etc.

  3. we haven't upgraded either..more because of the data it uses to download..
    great pictures of the mountains at Lone Pine!
    hope Jake is feeling ok.

  4. Nice pictures and Hope jake feels better.
    Suzie has had no problems with Windows 10, g mail and Google chrome works fine for her as well as blogger.
    Good luck with you computer.
    Travel safe.