Thursday, October 8, 2015

Back on the Road

We are back on the road and heading to the south west for the winter again.

We left  the Island earlier than we  had originally planned,as usual we took the ferry to Anacortes Wa

where we had a short visit to with Skip's sister Pam,

We stopped in Eugene at one of our favorite overnight spots,

  This time we spent two days and met our friend Marylou, who treated us to a lovely lunch  at a

small Japanese restaurant in downtown Eugene.

We had planned to meet Denise (Sassy) and Tom and Diane, but our early departure messed that up.

We traveled to Bend Or last Thursday and found a  Campground near Terrebonne  where we

stayed for two  nights,  Skull Hollow is a  forestry campground that  caters to tenters ( we were the

only RV there) Every site was full of mostly young people. Unfortunately  it rained hard and was

very cold on Saturday and Sunday we woke to dense fog. We had planned to stay around Bend until

Tom and Diane  arrived, but we couldn't find any suitable boon docking spots close by. We ended up

At Chickahominy Resevoir  on  highway 20  where we spent two nights. We loved it there it was so

quiet, sunny and warm.

  We had great neighbours .

We will see Tom and Diane later down the road and Denise is on her way to Arizona, so we will see

her in a few weeks.

This morning we are in the Carson Nugget Casino parking lot, which is not great, but the Casino was

really good to us.

Today we are heading down Highway 395 to Bishop and on to Lone area we have

been wanting to visit for a number of years.



  1. Travel safe and have fun hope to meet up with you guys in the southwest again this winter, Sassy too.

    1. For sure we will see you and Susie either at Q or Pilot Knob.

  2. Hope you have a great time and tell Denise we are waiting to read of her adventures too.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, too bad you couldn't make the trip year.

  3. You got a head start, but I'm coming through Nanoose Bay likely tomorrow, so I'll wave at your place as I go by! Good to see you on the road - and blogging - again!

    1. Darn I wish you had come through Nanoose while we were there. Hope to see you this winter.

  4. That's a great header photo you have. Nice feeling to finally be on the road again seeing new things & going to new places. Hope you like Lone Pine & the Alabama Hills as much as we did. Don't know where we'll end up this winter but hope to see you somewhere there in the great South-west...............

    1. Thanks Al, For sure we will see you this winter.