Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Anza Borrego, To Ogilby Rd, & Merry Christmas


We left Borrego  on Saturday after five weeks of doing very little, we had a few days of rain


A few days of cloudy skies



We enjoyed spending  time with Tom and Diane who we met last year here last year and meeting   Nan and John who were parked, beside us.


Tom and  Diane and Nell.

We saw Nina for a few minutes, the day before we left and met  Linda and Steven who are from Vancouver Island also. We were sorry to be leaving as everyone was arriving but it was time to go, and we will be seeing   most of them again this winter.This will be the first Christmas in five years we haven’t been in Borrego.


We are  at Ogilby Rd  just out of Yuma,


Our site

On Sunday we  drove over to Pilot Knob RV Park to see George and Suzie, who were leaving for Desert Hot Springs in the morning. Denise was there when we arrived so we were able to visit with her too. It was just a quick visit as George was cooking dinner on the Webber Q, we will likely see them next month if we go to Quartzsite nest month.


George, Suzie, Denise and Bennie.

We think we will be here for a few weeks, we are debating going to Quartzsite when  the RV Show is on, we have never been there when it is so crowded. the thought of all those people makes me nervous, but it is good to move out the comfort zone… or so they say.


We want to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Peaceful, Happy New Year.


Jean and Skip


  1. It's too bad we missed you guys but know what you mean by not much going on after awhile being in one place. Happens to us as well. No idea how long we'll be here. Soon as we run out of things to do I'll be getting antsy again. You know what it's like....................

  2. Was great to see you guys the other, Ya caught me cooking.
    We hope to be in the same area In the Q for a few weeks, maybe see ya'll again.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and the fur kids!!

  4. "if we go to Quartzsite" --IF !!! You ARE going to Quartzsite !! You have a new rig to look for - and spend more time with me of course !! hehehe

  5. I didn't see the Big Tent until my third year at Quartzsite, and I'm really glad I went last year. I got some really useful things, and the experience is worth the crowds. I don't know if I'll make it this year... but if I'm at Quartzsite, I'll definitely look around in all the tents.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas! We have missed you since you moved on, and look forward to catching up with you again before long. And, since I forgot to post the one photo I have of you two in our last blog update, I look forward to getting one at the Ogilby Road location for the next post :) Be well... see you soon!

  7. Sorry we missed saying good-bye. Hopefully will see you in AZ.

  8. Merry Christmas from us 3 to you 5 !!!

  9. Merry Christmas and wished for many new experiences and adventures in 2015.