Thursday, December 4, 2014

Borrego Springs the Old and the New

The first time we visited Borrego Springs, we noticed an older RV park  on Palm Canyon Drive on the left hand side as you drive toward the visitors center,’We were curious about
So yesterday we finally took a drive through this small totally cool park. 
Some were plain with little landscaping, most were not
Loved the plants and the privacy
This one was for sale
There were  around forty RVs all vintage and most of them looked well loved, I just took the pictures form the car, and didn’t take any when the owners were out side.

When we drove past the airport on the way to town, we immediately noticed the new solar installation on the far side of the airport.
This is the second solar field in Borrego, I believe this is the first stage. These panels are dual axis panels that track the sun. They have an odd finish like an oil slick. And they are huge. There will be 2800 of theses type of panels.
The first solar project which was completed last year is massive, with 102,000 single  axis panels that can generate power  for 21,000 homes.DSCN0202

The solar plant sells energy to San Diego County.
Naturally these solar fields are not without controversy, some people feel they are a blight on the landscape, and they use a lot of  water  from an already depleted aquifer, for cleaning the panels.

Progress I guess but I like  the vintage RVs,
Jake likes to sleep with his head on the bowls so he doesn’t miss dinner



  1. I really like all things vintage,
    (including Al :) )
    mabe get a chance to walk thru that park..


  2. Looking forward to wandering about Borrego Springs again sometime this winter.

  3. That vintage RV park is really cool. (I know - cool is also a "vintage" word, but so am I. LOL) Don't you love it when your dog does something that cute? Jake is a cutie! :)

  4. Gotta luv that shot of Jake.

    Sounds like a fun day. Cool:)

  5. That Park has a homey look to it. We've driven by it many times but have never gone in. Next time.

  6. Hi neighbors... you probably noticed that we arrived the other day. We are recuperating from some really busy days in the San Diego area, plus I had a bit of a cold or allergies, not sure which, but didn't want to stop by and subject you to my germs. Mostly over it now. Just enjoying hanging out, sitting in the sun and enjoying the beautiful views. So peaceful here! Feel free to stop by or we'll swing in and say hello at some point. Hope you are both doing well! Dianne & Tom

  7. We have driven past that RV park numerous times, thought it looked interesting and just kept driving by. If you are still in the Borrego Springs area, would love to meet up with you.

    1. I think you are right across the road from us, the little green tracker is ours.