Sunday, November 30, 2014

Back in Borrego

We left Ogilby Rd on Monday after saying  see  you later to Denise and BennIE.  The off roaders were already starting to fill up the dunes area.
We  drove  to El Centro so we could stop at Costco then up  86 to the Arco  Station, to dump our tanks and get water and propane. No charge this year.. except for the propane of course.
When we got to the boondocking area we were really happy to get the same spot we had last year, it was exactly as we left it.Even the stick that held the bird feeder was there.

Looking toward Coyote Mountain
We have just been hanging out at our site, it is pretty crazy around Borrego Springs Thanksgiving week.
We do go for walks everyday. I took Sophie and Louie up Inspiration Wash one day and down to the Dry Lake Bed today. Jake doesn’t come with us in the morning, but just before dinner, Skip brings him and we all go for a shorter walk.
We did make one trip to town.
Three dollars for a big bag of grapefruit, the oranges and Tangelos will be  ready  in a month.
The WINs were at Peg Leg camping area.
The day before Thanksgiving the Escapees were parked beside us. That’s Coyote Mountain again.DSCN0163
It was starting to get a tad dusty, the off roaders were at the corner by Peg Leg
There is a  sign at the corner where the off roaders go  185 acres for  sale.
There was a steady stream of RVs leaving today, there is hardly anybody parked where we are directly up from Clark Dry Lake, a fifth wheel is parked  in the site nearest us, we think they are also from Vancouver Island.
We woke up to a cloudy sky this morning, it did make for a pretty spectacular sunrise. I didn’t  touch up this picture.


  1. We do love that area around Borrego Springs too. Enjoy your time there.

  2. Depending on how Kelly is feeling we may drop over to Borrego after our next trip to Solar Mikes regarding our inverter issue.

  3. looks like the two of you have found yet another great spot!
    love those tangelos..those are my favourite oranges!

  4. Nice to have your "own" spot out there. Enjoy the peace and the beauty.

  5. I keep wanting to get to Borrego Springs, but get stopped by other great places. Some day I'll make it there to camp. I've been to Borrego, but only to visit a friend who has a house in town. Great photos! :)

  6. "after saying see you later to Denise and BennIE" Pffftttt !! About time you got the spelling right !!

    "a tad dusty" lordy lordy lordy - I'm still trying to clean the dust out of the rig from those wind storms we had while at Ogilby Rd.

    BTW, Are ya missin' me yet ??

  7. Looking forward to time in Borrego Springs soon... expect to be arriving around the 8th or so and would enjoy catching up with you both again. So, since you're in the same spot as last year we shouldn't have any trouble finding you if you're still there :) Dianne & Tom