Sunday, October 27, 2013

Still Hanging Out in Overton


We are still at Overton Nevada, we are not in a hurry to go farther south where it is really warm, the last two days have been the warmest yet it was 89F at 4pm today. It cools off as soon as the sun goes down and the 45 to 50 degree night temperatures are just about right for sleeping.

This past week we have  not gone too far from our spot, it has been too hot to leave the dogs alone for very long. We made a trip to the Verizon store in  Mesquite one morning, to get a Jet Pack MiFI.  Mesquite was nothing like I imagined it, I pictured a small dusty town, but the area we went to had lot’s of new houses and new looking malls, this was about the only unique thing we saw.


Seemed like an odd mix to me.

We have been spending quite a bit of time with Denise, we have been following her blog for quite a while, and we knew she was coming here. We have sure enjoyed getting to know her and Benny. We went over to her  toy hauler to watch her set her ramps up, to bring her Harley out.



An odd thing happened few days ago a big rig came and parked in front of us,


when  the  lady got out she came over and asked us where we were from, we said Nanoose Bay and she said we are from Parksville which is about  10 miles from where we live. It is true, it is a small world. They are on their way to Yuma..

We  like Overton, it is a small town, with a good grocery store and everything we need in the short term.

We fill our  water jugs at the Overton Park.



The road up to the Mesa


There’s a boat up there


The Mesa.P1010336


We couldn’t find Louie one morning, finally found him, looks pretty comfortable to me.


This was a pretty sunrise


As soon as the weather cools a bit we will go back to Valley of Fire and when it is cooler down south we will drive through the Lake Mead Recreational Are and then head south. We haven’t been to Lake Havasu,so we may go there before it gets too crowded.



  1. Keep the heat turned up, we are just days away. We couldn't find Caeli earlier and she looked just like Louie.

  2. Sure is a pretty sunrise - not that I'm ever up early enough to see one for myself. LOL

    It's been MY pleasure getting to know you two.

  3. Temps are due to drop into the high 60's this week & then come back up into the 70's. If your down around our way we have a spot for ya here at dusty adobe:))