Friday, October 18, 2013

Day One at the Valley of Fire


We have been at Overton five days, and we have been mostly busy, getting water and groceries, looking around town. The weather has been wonderful mid seventies everyday.The RVS come and go on Snowbird Ridge, there are more tonight being it’s the start of the weekend.

We went to The Valley of Fire State Park today, we only saw part of the park and we will go back after the weekend.


Elephant RockP1010202

The sand stone is spectacular shade of re, coral, orange, with white silica and gypsum.



It was really warm in the park, we got out an walked when we could.


the Mouse Hole, where a native on the run for murder, survived  by hiding near this natural spring.


Rainbow Vista


Valley of Fire


The Silica Dome, where Captain Kirk fell to his death. Apparently they filmed Star Trek Generations here.



More of the Silica Dome

We took the trail to Fire Wave, about three miles round trip.



Lots of Red Rock to walk on



Almost there, it was really hot by the time we got here.



It’s a wild beautiful place, and  there is so much more to see.We have not been able to get TV reception here, we think it’s because we don’t have the new LNB for this dish, we haven’t contacted them yet. We are using the Sirius radio lots.




  1. Jean, Thanks for this post as I'm hoping to be there in a few days and really don't know what to expect.

    One REALLY important thing for me is Internet. Think I would get a Verizon signal there ??

    Also, not being a hiker - is this the kind of place I could enjoy by riding my motorcycle around ?

    Also, You referred to where you are staying as "Snowbird Ridge" ? Is this "Poverty Flats" that I've been reading about ?

  2. We really liked all the great scenery at Valley Of Fire as well. Nice cozy camp ground in the Park but it was totally full. We stayed up there on RV ridge as well. Lots of room. Sounds like you have some mighty fine weather going on there. Anything around the low 70's works for me every time.

  3. the Valley of Fire looks spectacular! nice header photo!!
    enjoy your stay!

  4. Great photos of a great place. We loved it there so much, but too many people can make it a bit less than fun.

  5. Glad you are getting some time for R & R in a beautiful place. Not such goods news about Shaw. Maybe it's just a glitch.

  6. Valley of Fire is a great place to visit. Especially during the week. If you go again be sure and stop at the number 5 wash as you drive the road to White Dome. You can park there on the side of the road and go to the right and walk in the wash. It will take you through what looks like a small slot canyon. You can even walk up to wave of fire from there. It's a great place to visit after it's rained. Colors pop.

  7. no problem with our shaw dish. we love it at Valley of Fire.