Monday, October 14, 2013

Snowbird Mesa Overton Nevada.


We left the BLM at jackpot and drove south down Highway 93, the Great Basin Highway, destination  Cave Lake State Park near Ely Nevada. The temperature in Ely was 73F, we stopped at a grocery store for bread  five minutes later we were at the turn off for the park. Cave Lake campground is seven miles from the highway and is at an altitude of 7,300+ feet.

Our site was the highest one in the campground, surrounded by mountains, no Verizon signal, we intended to walk down to be lake in the morning , but  it started raining and it was bitterly cold so we packed up and left, this was the only picture I took.



By to the time we got to the highway our windshield looked like this,


We were to continue down highway 93, but we knew that  7,700 ft. Connors Pass was ahead  so we decided to head back to Ely and find out about the pass.

We pulled into a service station to wait for the weather to change, an hour later it looked like this.


By ten thirty the snow had stopped, Skip talked to some truckers, and they all assured him the pass would be kept clear being it was a major road. So we took them at their word and drove to the pass, the higher we got the less snow on the side of the road, and the summit looked almost bare.


It seemed like a long drive to Overton, the weather went from rain, to sleet, to lightening, We had been spoiled by the sunny weather we had had since we left home.


When we got to Overton, I said to Skip well we have had every type of weather today except a desert dust storm.. sure enough.


We found Snowbird Mesa , Gay and Martin, perched on the edge of a huge Mesa.


We found a spot about a quarter mile from them, we didn’t want to be right on the edge with the dogs.

Snowbird Mesa  reminds us of Borrego, the RVs  are scattered over a large area and everyone seems to have plenty of room, this may change later in the season.


This area comes under the Department of the Interior, camping is free from Oct. 1st to June 30 with no time limits, The Dept. states in their  permission  for recreational camping,  that the campers who have used this site for years had done an excellent job  keeping the site clean, undamaged and without serious conflicts or problems. which allows them to keep on permitting the free camping.  Yea for Boon Dockers!

So far we like it here, it’s a nice place to unwind form a week of travelling. And the Valley of Fire is only three miles away!!. Las Vegas is 67 miles away.





Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.



  1. The locals call this area "Poverty Flats". We boondock there twice a year when we travel from AZ to OR and back. One of our favorite places. We drive to the Grocer in Overton for morning donuts and coffee. There are a couple neat museums in the area.

  2. Looks like we are following the same route although I'm several days behind you.

    I had also planned on stopping to boondock for a week or so in that general area and then ride my bike to see the Valley of Fire.

    I've decided not to take the 93 route as I prefer the more major Interstates. So I'll go East and then South via the I-15.

    This would be a 'safe' area to boondock ??

  3. Looks gorgeous! Looking forward to Valley of Fire pics.

  4. Here's to the end of crappy weather and only heat and sun in your future.

  5. arent you lucky snow!!!!it was 3 here this morning i was even cold!