Sunday, March 4, 2012

Last Day in Holtville


Tomorrow we begin our trip home to Vancouver Island. we spent today getting ready, cleaning  windows, stowing the chairs and tables, the dish is put away.

In the morning we will go in to Holtville to dump our tanks and take on fresh water, then we are off to El Cajon, where we will spend the night and leave Tuesday morning for the California coast. It will be 172 days since we left home. We are planning on taking ten days to get home. I am quite happy to be heading north, Skip isn’t quite ready.

When we were at Joshua Tree, Skip came across these Big Horn Sheep, they saw him and kept moving away so he couldn’t get close to them.


I .keep losing the signal for some reason …strange because we have had 4 bars since the day we came to Holtville.

Talk to you in a day or two



  1. Not many people get close enough to big horns to take photos, so Skip was pretty lucky there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, it's getting closer to that going home time for us too. I always have mixed feelings about that. I do like getting home & touching base for a couple weeks but that gets old pretty quick & I am restless for the road again.

  3. those 182 days go by quickly that is for sure!..this winter snowbird season has gone by so quickly for those of us sitting at home!! we can just imagine how you feel!

  4. Our son just sent a photo from his house in Shawnigan Lake. There is snow on the ground! You are heading north too early!

  5. It will be sunny & 50ish today. Flowering Red Current is beginning to open! Spring is just around the corner. Safe journey homeward. Namaste...

  6. I agree with Croft. What's the rush?