Friday, March 16, 2012

Glad To Be Home


We spent our last night in the US  at the Northern Lights Casino at Anacortes Washington, where Skip’s sister Pam lives. We have stayed there before in the full service RV Park. The weather was terrible, pouring rain and very windy. They are in the middle of building a hotel onto the casino, and the road was in terrible condition, from all the trucks and heavy equipment.

Skip and I  went to Pam’s house for a while then the three of us went to a restaurant called  El Jinetet for a good Mexican dinner.

Tuesday morning we woke up to this.


All the way to the border.



There was no line up at the border, we were asked the usual questions and welcomed home to Canada.

And there was no snow!


For awhile, then we had sleet


And bridge construction to deal with.


We caught the 12.30 ferry to Vancouver Island, and by 3pm we were passing Nanoose Bay. No snow, no rain.


Fifteen minutes later we pulled in our drive way, glad to be home. Our little house looked so  big after six months in the motorhome.

I think the yard needs a little work though.



We have been home three days, the motorhome is mostly unpacked, our van is reinsured, and some of the leaves are raked up, now if only the temperature would warm up.



  1. yes, the weather really needs to warm up. We're about 20 kms away from you up in Errington and its been just over two weeks since we crossed the border and arrived here at my brother's where we are living in our motor home. We've had some really lousy weather, wind, snow heavy rain etc. Next year I think we will go south later so we can still be way south at this time. Oh well, in a couple weeks it will probably improve. We are heading up to the Shuswap in about a month.

  2. you were so close to us!..only a few more miles off the right once you are over the Port Mann!..
    glad you made it home safe and sound!!! the fun begins again!

  3. It's always a great feeling to be home again after a long trip. Especially that last day of travel knowing you will be home in a few short hours. I always look forward to getting back across the border into Canada & driving that final hour & twenty minutes home. Feels just grrrrrreat:))

  4. Welcome home, if it makes you feel any better they had snow in many parts of Arizona yesterday.