Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Two Weeks at Home


And have they ever been busy, fun things like visiting with family, we had lunch with my brother Rod and SIL Kathy, Edd,our oldest son drove up from Victoria for an afternoon (Megan was sick), Corey the youngest son  brought granddaughter Rylin for a visit. Grandson Colton came and stayed for a few days.We went to Gabriola Island for dinner with our middle son, Stuart and his girl friend Tanya.

The weather hasn’t been very good, Saturday and Sunday were lovely, but we are back to rain showers again this week. We did mange to get out in the garden a couple of days, but we have hardly made a dent in our overgrown weedy garden.  I cleaned the  inside of the motorhome so we are ready to go when the mood strikes us.

It seems odd to be home, I guess because of the weather,it is hard to get into a routine.

When we are travelling we don’t keep the exact records that some of our friends do, but we do save our gas receipts and keep track of our mileage and any campground fees .

So after 180 days away from home,   we drove  5,097 miles

We spent  $2308.62 for gas for the motorhome.

                $ 487.93 for  gas for the tracker.

               $ 322.41 for propane        

We boon docked   155 days,

Paid        $325.00 for 25 days in campgrounds.                                 

That is a total of $3443.00  for gas and accommodation. We are so glad we got the solar system last year.

We are already talking about next winter, we’d would  really like to try Mexico, we would stay in Rv parks and we are not sure if that is feasible with three dogs. Lots to think about.






  1. glad you are enjoying your time at home!!..you have lots of time before it will be time to head south again!!..hope the weather improves soon!

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  3. Sounds like you guys are needing another holiday already. Sure wish there wasn't so much trouble in Mexico because we would have liked to go there too....but!! Like you, I will be doing battle with the weeds when we get home as well. And especially this year with all the early warm weather up there in our neck of the woods.

  4. Great budget for all that time away. Please think about Mexico. Would love to have you join us. Please get the book Mexican Camping by Mike and Terri Church, it will help a great deal plus I am willing to help you anyway I can. Lots here have dogs.

  5. Give Starchoice a coll about that receiver that packed it in. They will replace it!

    You would love Mexico. You are adventurous spirits and would fit right in. Contessa and Colin travel with dogs and have no problem. Take her advice on this. You will not save a heck of a lot of money because of the extra miles and tolls but you will literally be in a whole new word and the weather is much better!

    I enjoyed watching your adventures and am glad I could help out a little on the Starchoice problem. Maybe we will see you in Mexico!

  6. Jean we are at mile marker 55 near Why....what a crazy last 2 days we have had.

    Actually what Croft said is not totally right as we pay for our tolls and RV insurance with the ICBC refund!!!

  7. Hi Skip and Jean, Thanks for stopping by Maple Leaves and Comfort Tea. We look forward to meeeting you when we get up that way this summer! I've been following Kevin and Ruth in Mexico and they're having a blast!