Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holtville Hot Springs


We are still at Holtville, the weather has been a bit cooler the last two days,but the forecast is for 80 degrees starting tomorrow.

We drove to Holtville North LTVA, which is on the other side of  highway 8. the Hot Springs are right along  side the highway.


There were three or four men in the pools


The pond around the Hot Springs




The Hot Springs are not on but right beside the LTVA. I read that they are kept clean by the RVers.

We also drove  down highway 98 to looks at Tamarisk LTVA which is about 15 miles east of Holtville.  The shoulders of the highway were flat and perfectly smooth.


We found out why when we came across a Border Patrol Car driving back and forth dragging a tire attached to the car by chains. Then if anyone comes across the border illegally they can see their footprints. I wanted to take a picture of the car but when Skip slowed down, the Border Patrol  car stopped too, and I didn’t feel right taking the picture. In other words I chickened out.

Tamarisk is the smallest  of the LTVAs , It is basically a rectangular area edged with Tamarisk Trees.



It certainly wouldn’t be for everyone, unless sitting in the sun reading or doing a hobby for a week or two suits you.

The plan is to stay here until Monday, when we will  drive to El Cajon and stay overnight, then leave early Tuesday morning for the coast. Hopefully we will be north of Los Angeles when we stop for the night. As usual that is subject to change.




  1. Sounds like another fine winter season is winding down & soon you will be on your way back to BC. Too bad our paths didn't cross this year but maybe next year. No idea when we are headed back yet. We'll wait & see how this house deal goes & then decide. Take care guys & safe travels.

  2. A little sad when a wonderful vacation is winding down but it appears you had many adventures and tales to tell. Be safe. Love, P

  3. They don't like having their photos taken.....nor here in Mexico. I hide the camera!