Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Joshua Tree


We gave up wandering around the deserts of Arizona and headed to Joshua Tree National Park. Last year we drove through the Park on  our way to Death Valley, we decided then we would come back and explore the park.

We are parked in BLM area just outside the south gate


The roads in the camping area are in really bad shape, with lots of washouts. The only spot we could find that was level and not in soft sand was by the road. It’s not a problem for us because the  dogs  are always on their leashes or in their pen.



It was unusual to see this in a BLM camping area


And this..I think Jakes telling me, he’s missing his lawn at home.


It’s 151 days since we left home, in that time we have only had hookups one night. we haven’t had to worry about power, as our solar system has worked flawlessly. We changed the lights we use the most to led bulbs and it has made a big difference in the amount of power use in an evening.We are pretty careful with water, we use our on board water for showers and flushing the toilet,we carry about 20 gallons of  water in containers and we use that water for dishes, making coffee and cooking. In a few weeks we will be starting our trip home to Vancouver Island, and we will be glad to get home. Out little house always seems so big after so much time spent in the motorhome.



  1. I think we might have seen your rig yesterday as we were climbing onto I-10 heading East. We looked way across to that BLM area where we had stayed nearly a year ago. Definately saw some white dots. We thought you guys were probably still down around Yuma somewhere....

  2. the winter snowbird season of 2012 has just flown by..can't believe that everyone is talking about heading home already..where has the time gone??

  3. Good work on the solar! I've only plugged in a couple days in Yuma when I couldn't avoid the RV park to visit some family. But I'm not looking to go home any time soon ...

  4. Great to hear from you....only one night with hookups...wow you are an inspiration. Would love to hear you sum total of money spent on RV cost over the winter.

  5. You both have become Snowbird 'Pros'! What a wonderful way to spend some of your retirement years. Spring is trying to arrive in Anacortes with my first Daff & Mum's Snowdrops blooming....yipee....