Sunday, February 26, 2012

Holtville is Hot


And that suits us just fine, we were hoping for some warm weather before we headed home, so far so good 80+ and no wind so far although the forecast is for some tomorrow.

We drove down highway 111 alongside the Salton Sea, lots of fields like this, we  have no idea what they are growing, but it must be something that requires protection from the sun. They should put  signs  along side the fields so people like me know what they are growing.


I recognized this crop of carrots, which is the big crop around Holtsville


At Holtsville there are two Long Term Visitors Areas  or LTVA  which cost $180 for the season or $40.00 for 14 days. Plus there are two free 14 day areas, all  are administered by the BLM.

Holtville North, is where the hot springs are although  we haven’t seen them yet, as we are on the other side.

Holtville North LTVA


Holtville South where we are parked.





We walk the dogs by the canal



Holtville isn’t the prettiest area we have stayed in, but the weather is warm and we are about 120 miles from San Diego and the highway home that we will be taking in about a week.


This is called playing, it sounds like they are fighting.




  1. We've never made it down around that Holtville area except for passing through El Centro one year on our way to Borrego Springs. There was some talk about it this year but we just didn't make it. I imagine we'll be heading for Canada as well in a few weeks. Still hoping to get up into the Monument Valley area but it all depends on weather.....

  2. where has the snowbird season gone?..this year seems to have flown by for those of us sitting back and reading all about the adventures!!

  3. I think the plastic covered rows are to warm up the soil but at 80 hardly seems necessary! We had snow flurries Sunday & 32. Will Spring ever arrive? Hoping to see you soon.

  4. I agree, crops should be identified! Just think how much we could learn!