Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Leave Tomorrow

My replacement visa card card came today, boy what a pain having a card compromised, I was on the phone about two hours today, mostly on hold. I still have a call to make tonight to Shaw, I tried to contact them this afternoon to cancel the internet, and was on hold listening to their stupid recordings for over an hour, kind of ironic one blurb was about how they were looking for customer service reps, and about every minute or so the one about my call being important to them came on. I got to the point where I was talking back, so I finally hung up, I will try again tonight.

I think everything is done, the motorhome is loaded, everything is checked off the lists, I am glad that once we are on the ferry tomorrow; we don’t have any schedules or plans, or places we have to be.

We won’t have internet until we cross the border,so we will have to find free wifi to post and read emails. I don’t mind hanging out in McDonalds’ parking lot.

Sophie is not happy that Louie has taken her sun spot. Little brothers can be a pain sometimes,



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  1. planning is half the fun!! the shot of the poochies on the couch!!!