Sunday, September 11, 2011

Four More Sleeps..We hope.

Our plan is to leave home on Thursday Sept 15, we plan to take our time going to the Okanogan, we have several places we want to stop and check out.

Yesterday I got a phone call from Visa that my credit card had been  compromised. Nothing was charged to the account, but somebody tried to buy a computer at the Apple Store and pay for a trip though Nomad Travel, both attempts were made on line. Of course my card has been cancelled and they are sending me an new one. I don’t want to leave before it comes. .They said five to seven business days,  five is Wed the 14th.

We are getting ready, we have been gradually getting the motorhome loaded, this year we have a better idea of the clothes we need, both cold and warm weather. We have some food loaded,and Skip has all the stuff that goes in the bins put away.

The  hard thing  is the garden, the weather has been so warm, I am still watering and things are still growing, It was hard  to do but I emptied the pots and put them in the green house so they wouldn’t crack if it freezes. I guess I will leave the rest if we don’t have a heavy snowfall.


Skip and I are getting pretty excited but I think Jake is pretty laid back about the whole thing.




  1. A month from now it will be us guys counting down the last few days. The excitement part hasn't really kicked in yet here but it soon will as the reality of the trip becomes more of a reality. Say hello to the Okanagan Valley for me when you get there. I've been missing it for 36 years now. I find I generally take more cold weather clothes than warm weather. Those Arizona desert nights can get pretty cold depending which part of the State your in.

  2. lucky Jake..not a care in the worries about what to pack or what to wear?