Monday, September 16, 2013

Counting the Days , Dog Ramp Built and RV Mods Done


We thought we were making pretty good progress getting everything that needed doing done. We started with a plan to get everything done  in the yard, by the end of Sept. Which left a week to pack up the motorhome and to do last moment things.

That plan  came to a screeching halt with a phone call from son number two, Stu has been looking at renting a house/apartment to rent, after the last two places fell through, he was wanting to stay here while we were away for the winter.

We are glad to help him out, but it has created a lot of work, the grandchildren will be here weekends, we have been emptying the dresser drawers so they could use our built in dressers….then we have to find a place for all the totes we are filling..

We have just had a week of wonderful weather, now the rain is supposed to come for a few days, the fog as been rolling in and out all day.It made the spider webs in the oak tree in front of our house stand out.




Skip has finished  a few projects the last two weeks, he reroofed the little shed next to the house.

Last year Jake had problems getting  so he can get in the back of the Tracker, so Skip made him a ramp. It folds in the middle for storage, he made a leg that  folds down and gives extra support at the hinge.




It has cross treads and is carpeted.



Problem is so far when we tried it out he refused to walk up it, finally he just jumped into the back like he was a young pup.

His vet told us to give him two glucosamine  sulfate and one fish oil pill a day, and it has helped him quite a bit, he used to use his upper body and go up the stairs hopping like a rabbit, now most times he has a normal gait.

Earlier in the summer, Skip made a wooden rack to hold our maps and fastened it  to the wall behind the passenger seat. After  the mistake we made  going on the wrong road last year, we bought Benchmark Atlases, we still get a sick feeling when we think about how dangerous it was. I called that blog   Stupidity


Because it had to be mounted so low on the wall, he made a solid front to keep dog hair and dust out.

He also built more shelves in what used to be a clothes closet, he did half the closet a few years ago, and we found it to be more usable space with shelves.


We have just over three weeks  before we leave, and we are getting  pretty excited, hopefully the weather in Utah will hold, if not, plan B, which is Lone Pine, if it’s cold there we will make plan C.

I joined google+  because I couldn’t comment on some of the blogs I follow, and I still can’t comment. It’s a little frustrating but when I see Edd  our oldest son this week he will figure it out for me, ( I hope )




  1. Ha! That's what our Molly does too. Sometimes she has shown problems to launch herself into the Jeep. So, we go her a lightweight dog ramp. Every time I put it in place she jumps right in! LOL. Maybe she doesn't want to acknowledge that she getting older... At least the ramp is there in case. These dogs!

  2. I remember having to build a ramp for our guys back in the days we had a fiver & a truck. It was just too steep & narrow for their aging legs to jump up into the small back seat of the truck cab. That's good Jake has been helped by the Vet's recommendations. So sad seeing dog's lose their youthful mobility. Sure wished we could have made Utah this year too but..........

  3. Our girls use a ramp to get into the motorhome. ti takes a while to get use to but they use it all the time.

  4. I read today that the Utah Parks will be opening.