Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We are Loving this Weather


We have been enjoying the wonderful California weather, we have had a bit of wind, but so far none of the sand storms that other friends experienced here a few weeks ago.


Sunday we went to the Park and Swap at the old Dog Track in Yuma, I forgot my camera to show the crowds, but there were thousands of people, we found the used book stall, exchanged a bunch of books and got out of there.

Louis has back to normal almost four weeks after his surgery ( other than than missing his tail ). he was so funny I wanted to get a picture of his butt, and I said show me your bum Louie and  he turned around so I could get this shot.


They have been drilling for something over on American Girl Mine Rd, Skip rode his bike over that way and he thought maybe they were drilling a well.


They had it lit up and worked through the night last night but we haven’t seen  lights tonight.

Today we went into Yuma to the Ford Dealer, to get a new Coolant Reservoir for the  motor home, Skip was checking the level and noticed it was cracked. Good thing he found it before we started home and lost all our coolant going over some mountain pass.

We  needed gas  so we got it at the Arco, it was the cheapest we have seen this year. cost $20.00 to fill the Sunrunner.



Louis looks pretty comfortable


I am  still walking or hiking every day as well as walking the dogs, Jake can only do about a mile before he is tired out, Sophie and Louie put on about three miles on the same walk.

Louie hates his harness and always tries to rub it off.


Sophie thinks Louie is getting far too much attention,






  1. That little Louie is such a clown showing his bum. Warmer temps just make such a big huge positive difference to the whole RV experience. Makes the long tedious drive from the north all worthwhile. Nice to have the magic back into the days & nights:))

  2. glad that you are all enjoying yourselves in the warm California sunshine! rainy and wet here!.blech!

  3. Temperatures here in central Pennsylvania are about 15 degrees right now. I yearn to be in a sunny warm location right about now. Enjoy yourselves!

  4. Good that you are getting the warm temps. Isn't that Yuma swap meet too much. My head spins when I go in there. So glad that all the pups are doing well. Enjoy the sun.

  5. My last day on American Girl Mine Road a crew was putting up a fence on the north side of the road about a mile in, just past the wash. Is that the spot where they are drilling?
    Are you going to come up to Quartzsite and share in all the craziness? Nice, refreshing rain here now ;-)

  6. Glad the warmth has returned to Southern AZ. Kim & girls were 'singing the blues'in 50degrees!
    John is in Tampa visiting our old sailing friend, Michael who has Prostate Cancer surgery tomorrow. I am 'dog sitting' Jeepers...keeps me busy walking & picking up poop!!
    Envious of the huge swap meets there.