Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We Turned Left

We had intended to leave Ogilbe Road and go to either Quartzsite or Joshua Tree National Park, the night before we  were to leave we decided to go to Ajo.  Ajo and Darby Well Road BLM is one of our favorite boon docking spots.
We loved camping a long Darby Wells Road

We were on the road by 8 AM, but by the time we dumped our tanks  and took on water at the Giant/76  gas station in Yuma, stopped at Walmart, and Tractor Supply ( like  Buckerfields ) and got propane in the foothills, it was almost noon. We stopped at Date Land for a date shake and drove straight to Ajo, and turned on to Darby Well Rd. We knew that the mining company had fenced  along the road, and that are favorite camping spot likely wouldn't be available. We stopped unhooked the car and Skip went in search of a spot. It was a major disappointment when he couldn't find anything we could fit into. The one place that was big and available was at the Y in the road and it was littered with rusty cans and broken glass. So we hooked the car up and headed 10 miles down the highway to Why and the BLM at Gunsight Wash.

And are we ever glad we did. We really like it here, we have a big private site along the wash, It is so green here, lots of Mesquite Trees, Palo Verde and Desert Broom, some of the Creosote bushes are in bloom.

Our Site

There is a camp host here,  we had to sign in, but she said the ranger hadn't bothered to give her the proper forms, so she didn't care how long we stayed. There are about  a dozen or so RVs here, but there are many many sites.

There are lots of coyotes here, so the dogs have lost the freedom they  enjoyed on Ogilbe Rd. The coyotes know that they are here and have got really bold coming close to the RV several times a day. I am never fast enough with the camera to get a good picture of one.

Jake almost 12 years
Jake is doing ok, he's given us a couple of scares this trip,but the last month he has been pretty good.

He is full of lumps  and doesn't go on long walks, but he is still really strong, and doesn't appear to have  any pain.

Our Big boy
There is nothing much at Why except a gas station  and Granny Macs Restaurant, and three Rv parks.

We go to Ajo for our groceries, Olsons IGA is a great store, we've always liked shopping there.

It's also an Ace Hardware.

Ajo also has the coolest library, or at least the coolest library  building.

We are going to hang out here at Gunsight Wash until Monday when we are heading to Quartzsite to catch up with our some  of our boon docking buddies. The big RV show will be on but we can avoid
most of the crowds by staying out of town, We did go to the big tent last year, the only thing we saw that we wanted was this beauty.



  1. Looks like you are moving about, maybe you can drop in for a visit or maybe even Bloggerfest would be awesome.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about the coyotes in the area. We stay there in early April. Nice to see Jake doing so well.

  3. Great chatting with you tonightt!! Have fun in Q!!