Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Quartzsite and Bloggerfest

We like Quartzsite  but not in January while the big RV show is on, this year we had a couple of reasons to want  to come  here and share the desert with  several hundred thousand RVers.

We had been trying to hook up with our friends  Dianne and Tom  since October, somehow life got in the way and last week was the time it worked for us and them.

Dianne and Tom were camping with their friends from the Escapee group  Classless Class, the day we arrived two couple were putting on their Quesadilla and Margarita night.
  We were invited to the campfire and enjoyed a quesadilla and a margarita complete with a salted rim. Everyone was so nice and made us feel very welcome.

Tom and Dianne 
Bob Richie took this picture, he and his wife Karen are from Chase BC

We have never camped with a group before, but it was fine, even with our three dogs, Most of the couples had left  by the end of the week. Unfortunately several people came down with cold/flu so we didn't see too much of them
Skip was really interested in the windscreen Tom had built, so Tom assembled it so Skip and Robbie
could have a look.

Skip and I attended the 2nd annual Bloggerfest in Quartzsite last Saturday. We were actually in town last year , but didn't attend mainly because it was too overwhelming for me. I get very nervous and uneasy in large groups of people.  I regretted  that decision  for a whole year.

This year I was  determined to attend  and I tried to ignore the butterflies in my stomach. I really wanted to see  Al and Kelly,and there were bloggers attending that I had met  over the years. Plus I was hoping some of the people I had been reading for years would be there.

Kelly with Marykay and Craig
Lorne Green the back of  Ivan and Retired Rod, I didn't know everyone

We are both so glad went.  It was fun to see our old friends and meet new ones. We finally met Croft, who we was one of the first blogs we discovered, and Sue Malone who writes such an interesting account of her and her friend Mo's travels.
Croft .. George and  Suzie on the left


It's really  awesome to be surrounded by so many people with the same love of south west and the RVing be it full time, part time or any time.

Thanks again George and Suzie for organizing and getting the word out about Bloggerfest.



  1. I think between your butterflies & my butterflies we could have opened up a butterfly zoo.

  2. Great recap of your stay in Quartzsite..nice that the Classless Class were so welcoming!!
    Good for you for overcoming your fear of large groups and attending blogger fest..
    ..safe travels and enjoy the rest of your winter trip.

  3. Fun to meet others who we only know from their blog.

  4. Butterflies, yep me too, but I just did it and knew we would have fun, So nice to see everybody and meet so many new faces. Glad you made it !

  5. So grateful for your friendship and to have you both "next door," Everyone enjoyed having you two and Karen & Bob join us for quesadillas and margaritas the day you arrived! Too bad we came down with colds :( But will be well soon and look forward to our next time together!

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