Thursday, January 30, 2014

Off to Quartzsite


It’s our last day at Ogilby Rd,it has taken us a week to get all our running around done. We are at the same area we normally  park, we almost parked  next to the big wash, but there were quite a few rigs there so we moved  about 1km farther up the road. Ivan emailed the same night to tell us that we had been in the site he’d just vacated and that Wandering Willy was parked across the wash. So we finally got to meet Bill aka Wandering Willie. We stopped  by his trailer on our way to Yuma one day and had a short visit, what a nice man he is.

We were in Anza Borrego for almost eight weeks, at first there were only a half dozen RVs in the area we stay in, between Christmas and New Years the numbers grew to probably 35 or 40. Some people spend the winter camped at the dry lake bed and several of them were very unhappy with the influx of people.


One man put up tape so no one could encroach on his space, and then proceeded to take the fire pits apart on the  site next to him so  nobody would camp there either.

Another camper  put barricades up at the entrance to  his site after a couple of  rvers tried to make a parking spot where there wasn’t one. He would walk his dog past our site every day and we had several conversations about all the rvs

I was quite astounded when I was told that  I was was the subject of a rant by the same fellow, and that it was my fault  that all the people  were coming the dry lake bed  area. He  said that I blogged about Borrego and told everyone to come  and that bloggers were a cult and I was the ring leader. I believe he was talking about a group of  people in Air Stream Trailers who were parked in the site next to us, and the NU RVers  who had a gathering near us. I didn’t know any of them, and they would have no reason to read my blog.

Oh well.


Our friend Martin showed us this, not far from his site,


It  is a female Tarantula”s nest the white is her web. I am sure glad she stayed inside.

A last Borrego sunrise


We are off to Quartzsite this morning for a bit.



  1. See !! I told ya you are nothing but a trouble maker !! LOL Making all those Folks come to Borrego Springs and spoil that poor mans solitude.

    Some people will go to great lengths to 'protect' their space.

    I met Wandering Willy while I was at Pilot Knob. Definitely a very nice man.

    Can't wait to see you guys again here in Q.

  2. For all I know they could have been ranting about me...or any of the many other bloggers who've written about Borrego over the years. I learned about the place from other blogs about 4 years ago. Sorry you were the takers of a rant :(


  3. We have also been on the receiving end of those rants. Butch our friend at the Clark Dry Lake Bed had a bee in his bonnet over me blogging about Borrego Springs as well. Same with another friend at Darby Well. I do understand what they are saying & how they feel but there is another side to it as well. Why not let others know so they can enjoy an area too. Had not somebody told us about nice spots we may not have ever been there either. Hey, we are headed for the Kofa Mountains this morning. May even pass you on the highway. We'll let you know where we end up & you can come on out to the Kofas for a chin wiggle.....:))

  4. Bloggers are blamed for the influx of RVers to public lands. I’ve gotten flak for blogging about boondock areas.

    What these complainers don’t consider is the huge number of people retiring every day and seeking a way to “live on less and enjoy life more.” Of course, there will be more RVers in free areas!

    I like to camp by myself. However, I don’t have any more right to the land than any other RVer.

    So don’t let it bother you for a second.

    That attitude reminds me of four-year-olds . . . “I had it FIRST. It’s MINE. You can’t have it!!! Waaahhh!”

  5. These complainers are called "got miners" down in the Florida Keys. They got theirs and don't want anyone else around.

  6. As a newbie FT (heading out in summer) I appreciate all the special boondock tips! I, in turn, will share mine. Can't we all just share and play nice?


  7. WOW, and everybody has noted what great pals you two are and how they enjoy seeing you and sharing a chat....
    Some people sure take ownership .... Their place and all the surrounding area ..... How controlling !!!! Oh well, so thrilled there is A BIG WIDE WONDERFUL WORLD out there !!!!! Keep on having FUN !!!!!

  8. Sorry we missed you out here, and that you were the brunt of the rant. True, it could be any number of us, tho we did stay well away from the group. The wind has come up but the sunsets continue to be beautiful!

  9. I can't believe that folks can become so possessive about their free spot in the desert. Plus there is that freedom of speech thing. No one person is responsible for anothers decision where to RV. Good for you for posting about all of this.

  10. Gee! Thanks for the compliment Jean,Skip and Denise,my swollen head is even getting larger.

  11. Hey we go where we go, enjoy the areas that we stay at.
    Why not share with people out there. let other people enjoy these great wide open spaces too?
    Oh buy the way thanks for stopping by for the awesome visit today, so nice to met you guys. So nice to meet you guys. maybe we come stay down there for our couple days. Before California.

  12. I've seen one of those tarantula nests, but didn't know what it was. Ick.

    I'm always appreciative when someone tells me about a new spot, but if they don't want me to blog about it, I won't. Most good places are pretty well known by now, and there is so much empty land out there we can boondock on.

    I left Q today - sorry I'm going to miss you. Hopefully we'll meet up again next year. :)