Friday, January 10, 2014

Keeping Busy and Waiting for A Visitor.


Well we are still here boon docking at Anza Borrego, we have been here seven weeks, I guess we just get too comfortable here. The weather has been fantastic, cold nights and lovely warm days. So far we have had very few windy days, although I may jinx ourselves saying that.

We haven’t done a lot of hiking this trip, we did climb up Coyote mountain in search of the stone snake.



Skip had the opportunity to go with out friend  Martin to cut wood, so we have had lots of fires.


Right after Christmas Denise and Benny left for Yuma, and our peace and quiet was shattered by the arrival of two groups of  RVers  one group group of nine came in in a convoy,  mostly big Class A’s and another group behind them with nine or ten  RVs so it was generators every morning and all evening long.


Thankfully things are back to normal now.

We have been busy doing a few mods to our motorhome, we replaced the foam in our dinette cushions with  a really good 4” foam, it made quite a difference, we were starting feel like we were sitting on plywood.

Then we changed the material on all the valances  above the windows and doorway.

We started with this,


Took them off the wall


Took out a million staples


Recovered them ( forgot to take pictures) with a suede material.




We reused the piping from the old material along the bottom edge. we are quite pleased with the finished product.


Every morning Sophie and Louie and I go for a long walk across the desert, often we go up Inspiration Wash.


Fonts Point is in the distance


Looking back at Clark Dry Lake Bed, we are one of the white RVs to the left


We are excited that our eldest son is coming to visit for a few days, we are picking him up at the Palm Springs Airport on Monday night. We have a few hikes planned Ghost Mountain,  slot Canyon  and whatever else he wants to see, he may want to just veg.





  1. Know what you mean by a million staples. Found that out when tore out our dinette in the Damon. Valance looks much better & not so dated with the older RV look. We found the RV seat padding very uncomfortable as well in our Class A. Turfed it. Well if I had to stay in one place for a couple months I figure Borrego Springs is just about as good a place as any. Wonder what your Son will think of the desert......A

  2. Yikes ! Looks like I left just in the nick of time. With all those generators running it would have made me want to make a quick exit for sure !!

    LOVE the new coverings on the valances.

    Have fun with your Son !

    THEN come to Quartzsite - Skip and I have MAJOR shopping to do !!

  3. Good job on the valances. Nothing wrong with being gin one place that long. It means you are relaxed and content with life. Good for you. Enjoy your visitor.