Monday, August 27, 2012

Seven Weeks Today … Maybe


It’s hard to believe that Labour Day is a week today, school will be starting  earlier this year. This summer has gone by so fast.

We have only been camping twice this year a few days in July and a week in August, for our annual family camping trip. It’s not really a trip for us because we go to one of the campgrounds near us. The last two years we have camped at Little Qualicum Provincial Park.

These pictures are from last year.

IMG_2086 - Copy

IMG_2083 - Copy

Our oldest son Edd and his wife Megan brought their yurt, which they will use at Burning Man this year.


It is huge inside 






Tying  the canvas


The number of family that attend changes every year, this year there were 32 of us,although not everybody camped for a week.

We are planning on heading south on October 15th,which is 7 weeks today, subject to change of course. We don’t know where we are headed yet. We would leave tomorrow if we could, but we still have more than a few things on our to do list. We are seriously thinking about either selling or renting our house next year, depending on the market. We have a trip across Canada in mind.



Sophie and Louie




  1. Nice to see you again here in Blogland. We will probably be leaving about the same time as you folks. Like that Yurt idea. Know what you mean by either 'selling or renting' your house. It is almost a daily topic at our house & we have been waffling back & forth for about 4 years now. You guys are sure welcome to stay at our place in Congress Arizona anytime. Don't know when we'll get there but could be later in October sometime or early November. We'll keep in touch:))

  2. Your annual family camping event looks like a good time. There is nobody else in our family who camps other than us.

  3. Lucky you, you have an actual date for departure!! I am so jealous. Needless to say we may be delayed because of the new place. Your dogs look like they are ready to hit the road.