Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Four Months Home…Three to Go.


It’s hard to believe we have been home four months. Our spring was disappointing wet  and gloomy, it seemed we couldn’t have two nice days in a row. Then came Juneuary, we were so envious of the nice hot weather that seemed to be everywhere but here.

BUT, along came July and wow, it has been so lovely and warm. As soon as the weather changed we loaded up the motorhome and headed for Miller Creek which is a forestry campsite in Strathcona Provincial Park. The there are no services at Miller Creek, also no cell phone service, too many trees for  satellite TV.Thank goodness for Sirius Radio.

These pictures are from  last year.

The Lake


In spite of the poor weather earlier we have been really busy, we restained  two of our decks floors ,and stained all the woodwork, including the spindles. Jake was supervisor.



The one good thing about the cool weather, the flowering  plants seemed to hold their blooms longer.



I made a new path behind the pond, and spread bark mulch in an effort to keep the weeds under control.

The before and after                                             





The other end of the path



Now it is the middle of July and we have already received  a package from our medical insurers, with the rates for next year, about three months from now we will be heading south for our third winter. The maps are out already!

Relaxing at Miller Creek





  1. "The maps are out already" I love when the long summer wait finally reaches that stage & things slowly begin to ramp up for the annual trip south. It is the first exciting stirrings of another upcoming trip to the great southwest. We missed our southern Colorado route last year because of a family matter delay so I am kind of leaning towards heading that way this year. Hopefully get out of here about mid October.....

  2. Your gardens are beautiful! I love especially the purple flowering bush.

  3. your gardens are beautiful!!!..love photo of the poochies suntanning!

  4. Lovely gardens. Why do our dogs like to lay on their backs, too funny.

    Yeah for you getting our the maps. At least we are already in the RV and packed!