Friday, March 15, 2013

We are Home



After we made it over the mountain in Northern California, we spent the night at the Black Bear Casino in Fortuna Ca. We have stayed here before, and this time we got to try there beautiful new dining room, we had lunch, checked out the casino, but it was so Smokey I couldn’t breathe, so we went back to the RV.

Our plan the next morning was to drive to Florence Oregon, the weather was great, it was so nice to drive highway 101 through forests and along the the ocean side.


It was early when we got to Florence, so we decided to drive on back to I-5 and Eugene Or. For three years we have stopped and the Valley River Center in Eugene, It has the best spot for parking. As soon as you arrive the security car comes and registers the RV


There are miles of lighted trails to walk all along the Willamette River.



The next day Friday  was an easy drive to Marysville and a stay at the Casino.

Saturday we drove to Anacortes and stayed at the RV park at the Casino. It was a long time since we had full hook ups. Skip’s sister lives in Anacortes, so we went over for a pizza and to pick up our kayak.

We crossed the border early Sunday morning, no problems at all, just the usual three or four questions. It’s always tense for me crossing the border, Skip doesn’t mind so much.

We were home about 1pm Sunday the 9th, two or three days earlier than planned.We think that if we had to we could be home is 4 1/2 days from the southwest.

I have the RV cleaned out, and everything washed and put back.

Now to tackle the yard.




  1. I had no idea you could overnite there in Eugene. We always have trouble finding spots along I5, some of the Walmarts are too small.

    Yeah you finally got your kayak. Sounds like you have been very busy since you got home. I still have that to look forward to but always nice to get everything put back in and ready for the next trip.

  2. Awwwww yes, that mighty nice feeling of arriving home safely to one's own home without incident. Love that feeling. I always find the yard work a nice change of pace from the previous months of travel. Always nice to see things blooming & to get one's little garden projects under way once again. And how about sitting back in one's favorite chair, that first long hot shower & asleep in one's own bed again. Pretty darn nice I'd say & I do look forward to it every year. It's great we have the opportunity to travel & still keep our homes. It's great to be a Snow Bird:))

  3. Welcome home! Randy and I are thinking about a trip out your way. Not sure when but the staff we have right now are all pretty good so maybe just maybe we can get out and visit!
    Take care
    Sharon and Randy

  4. glad you arrived safely at home! enjoy the space and all the amenities!!

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  6. It must be a wonderful thing to travel, thanks so much for sharing your adventure. Hello from Montreal.